【RECIPE】Four Flowers Kimbap 이쁜 4가지색의 꽃 김밥


基礎款的紫菜包飯不難做,只需將自己喜歡的餡料如甘荀、青瓜、香腸、蛋皮及米飯以紫菜捲起就是了,但也可給白米飯來個華麗變身,以天然調味料「整色整水」,來個花式Kimbap。 The basic type of Kimbap is not hard to make. You only need to roll in your favorite filling such as carrots, cucumber, sausage, egg, and rice with seaweed into a kimbap and that's it. However, you can also make a gorgeous transformation of white rice. By using a natural seasoning to color it that results in a beautiful flower kimbap.