Want To Prolong The Life Of Sports Underwear? Understand These 5 Maintenance Rules!

During the period of not being able to travel abroad, it seems that everyone has more opportunities to do sports, so many girls have started to buy various types of sports underwear in recent years! Sports underwear with beautiful appearance and good quality can really give you more motivation to keep exercising, but the price of a sports underwear generally costs more than HKD$100. If it is not well maintained and cleaned, it will be a real waste, so today for everyone I have compiled 5 maintenance rules for sports underwear. If you want to extend the life of sports underwear, you must learn this secret!

Written by:BXC|Photos:Envato, 倪晨曦 IG @misselvani, Xexymix, Unsplash 


1. Wash as soon as possible after use

Sweat flowing out during exercise can easily make the fabric of sports underwear yellow and breed bacteria, so every time you wear sports underwear, you should clean it as soon as possible to maintain its color and avoid sweat.


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2. Take out the brpads before washing

Sports underwear rely on the chest pad to support and maintain the breast shape, so remember to take out the chest pad when washing to avoid deformation of the bra pads during the washing process.


Photo by Xexymix

3. Recommended to Wash by Hands

This maintenance rule is also the key to prolong the life of sports underwear! Generally, it is recommended to wash sports underwear by hand with a cleaning agent, which can prevent the fabric of sports underwear from losing its elasticity, and does not affect its structure.


Photo by Envato-puhimec

4. Laundry bags for underwear

However, for girls who exercise regularly and have a busy life, washing their sports underwear with their hands every time will really get tired! Therefore, when washing sports underwear with a washing machine, remember to use a special underwear laundry bag with a bracket and choose a gentle mode of cleaning. Also, avoid using softeners to make sports underwear lose its elasticity.


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5. Must be naturally air-dried

Normally, for disinfection, we may expose quilts and pillows in the sun, but sports underwear absolutely cannot! After washing, we only need to take out the chest pad of the sports underwear, lay it flat or hang it upside down, clamp it with a clamp, and let it air dry naturally.


Photo by Daniele Bissoli on Unsplash