Popular Layering Style In Fall! 7 Early Autumn Outfits Which Korean Popstars Love!

Stepping into the early autumn, the hot light-level wear has returned~ Except for the essential knitting items for autumn and winter, can you not think of how to match the early autumn look? Today, I have selected 7 Korean star favorites for early autumn dressing proposals, which will bring you fresh and fashionable dressing inspiration. This early autumn you can change to different styles of light-level modeling to show people!

Written by:BXC|Photos:Joy Instagram @_imyour_joy, 기은세 Instagram @kieunse


1. Knitted Tank Top + White T-shirt + Jeans

The most popular and easy-to-handle light-level wear is definitely the classic white T-shirt and jeans, with a knit vest! If you want a little change, you might as well wear a small knitted jacket outside, which is more styling than a knitted vest.


2. Scarf + Sweatshirt + Jeans

Do you think the combination of sweaters and jeans is too common? If you want to wear a light-layered feeling, you can wear a silk scarf around your neck like Seulgi, and then pair it with a decent handbag to make the casual look exudes an elegant sense, and it will also make your outfit more attractive.

3. Tank Top + Long Skirt

The matching of tank tops and long skirts is relatively Japanese, and they are also lighter-layered wear that is easier to match. Choose plain long skirts to wear a gentle and temperamental look.

4. Crop Top + Leather Jacket + Jeans

Girls who like street style will definitely fall in love with this Girl Crush look~Joy wears a white Crop Top with a leather jacket, wide-leg jeans and a Cap hat inside. This level of wear is more distinctive and stylish! A pearl necklace adds a lot of femininity!

5. Dress Suit

Long skirt suits are a fashionable choice if you want to wear a mature and elegant feeling. A short suit jacket with a long skirt can lengthen the overall proportion and be generous and decent. Wearing black short boots can highlight your personal style and taste even more.

6. Vest + Knitted Jacket

For Korean girls, knitted suits are definitely a must-have item in their wardrobes! Knitted tops and any trousers or skirts are already very good-looking. Like Jennie, wearing a vest and a knit jacket has a light-level shape, simple and fashionable.

7. Tweed Jacket + White T-shirt + Jeans

If you like mature and feminine outfits, you must get a small fragrance jacket! Simply matching white T-shirt and jeans is enough to exude elegance and noble charm.